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Small Hours Workshop/SHWS is a one-woman operated studio dedicated to creating understated leather carry goods, accessories, and plant hangers. Each item is thoughtfully designed with a simple aesthetic and handmade-to-order from start to finish.

My object is to make products that: i. are for people that have an appreciation for the understated; ii. look better with age; iii. are durable and repairable; and iv. for those who want to support women, local artists and craftspeople who love what they do.

Production Notes
All Small Hours products are made-to-order. SHWS products are made from cowhide leather, both vegetable-tanned and chrome-tanned. Most of my goods are sewn with an industrial machine, some of them are hand-stitched, or use a combination of machine and hand-stitching. I work with all local suppliers when possible and all production is done in-house.

Commitment to Sustainable Production

SHWS uses simple and efficient processes in every step of making and packaging to minimize unnecessary waste of time, space, materials, & resources.

About the maker

Jenny Lien is a Toronto-based maker & multidisciplinary designer. She loves working with her hands and enjoys incorporating this into all of her work. When she's not making things, you can find her camping/hiking, listening to podcasts, and learning how to make things.