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Product Care

Avoid exposure to water, prolonged sunlight, and extreme weather conditions. To keep your leather goods supple and well-conditioned, apply leather conditioner.

Brass Hardware
Brass is very strong and corrosion-resistant. It also develops a patina and may lose some shine over time. If you wish to revive the shine, my favourite method is using a vinegar mixture (link).

Metal Zippers
Sometimes metal zippers need a little help to glide smoothly. I ensure that all zippers are working smoothly before items are sent off, but if you find that your zipper not running as smoothly try rubbing a piece of wax paper (the food-grade kind) onto the zipper teeth while unzipped.

Depending on the damage, your item might be able to be repaired. Please send an email to smallhoursworkshop@gmail.com with an image and description of your item. If item is repairable shipping charges may apply.

More questions about product care? Please send an email to smallhoursworkshop@gmail.com