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Product Care

To preserve the condition of your leather goods avoid exposure to water, prolonged sunlight, and extreme weather conditions. To keep your leather goods supple and well-conditioned, apply leather conditioner.

Brass hardware
Brass is very strong and corrosion-resistant. It also develops a patina and may lose some shine over time due to exposure to oxygen. If you wish to revive the shine, my favourite method is using a vinegar mixture (link).

Metal zippers
Sometimes metal zippers need a little help to glide smoothly. I ensure that all zippers are working smoothly before items are sent off, but if you find that your zipper not running as smoothly try rubbing a piece of wax paper (the food-grade kind) onto the zipper teeth while unzipped.

Depending on the damage, your item might be able to be repaired. Please send an email to smallhoursworkshop@gmail.com with an image and description of your item and we'll see what we can do! Additional charges and shipping costs may apply.

More questions about product care? Please send an email to smallhoursworkshop@gmail.com