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Leather Plant Sling, Thick Strap

$40.00 CAD / On Sale

Give your plants some love with our modern take on the plant hanger, the Plant Sling. Our Plant Sling is made with un-dyed, natural vegetable tanned leather.

Cut and assembled by hand with a silver O-ring. Height of hanger can be adjusted if needed by re-tying knots at desired length.

Note about vegetable-tanned leather:
Vegetable-tanned leather is known for this strength and made-to-last durability. It darkens, softens, and patinas beautifully over time. It develops it's own individual character and evolves with you.

Size: 29" H

Pot sizes in image for reference*:
Left (larger pot): 6" top diameter, 6" tall pot, 4 lbs, patinated (darker from 1 year of indirect sun exposure) leather
Right (smaller pot): 4" top diameter, 4.5" tall pot, 1 lb, un-patinated (no sun exposure) leather

*Plant and plant pot not included.